We carry the only Transport Canada approved electric scooters or motorcycle for road use in Canada.


There are two models the EVT 168 and the 4000e


EVT 168



EVT 4000e


All prices are in Canadian Funds.

We do not charge for PDI and Freight to our location.
Applicable Taxes will be added at point of purchase. 


In Ontario the EVT Electric Scooters are eligible for the PST Rebate Program for vehicles operating on alternative fuel.


48 Volt 3.5 Amp. constant current 115/230 VAC input, fan cooled.




dual shock & motion sensors, 110dB warning siren.


* We will not be selling Electric Bicycles.
We believe that this vehicle is good for some people needing transportation that may not qualify for a drivers licence, or for those people wanting a bicycle type vehicle. Our focus has been an alternate road worthy vehicles capable of operating at higher speeds to keep pace in today's traffic patterns. The Electric Motor-scooters we focus on are much more powerful and substantial to be practical for highway driving.