About Us


We are a small company with a strong vision and lots of ambition.

Our primary focus is to bring unique and environmentally friendly electric powered products designed for short commutes and recreational purposes.


Our product line is not  extensive but will consist of electric scooters and motorbikes, an electric ATV and an electric riding lawnmower.


We are committed to safety, quality and customer service.


We have been chasing this vision for the last 12 years, working with several important manufacturers on various power products.

One early venture was the Z-20 electric scooter project.  We have been working with EVT AMERICA on this project using the latest technology and components from Canadian and US companies.

We introduced the first 'Transport Canada Approved' electric scooter approved for street use to Canada in November 2003.
Our most recent projects (2004-2010) include a smaller utility vehicle suitable for grounds maintainance or similar duties, and a general purpose electric tractor. We hope to have these commercialized late 2010.