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Check back here soon as we have some special announcements September , 2010 on latest product developments and partnerships. 


On June 21, 2005 we installed the first Battery Equalizer Device on one of the Z-20 Prototypes for field trials. The battery equalizer system  is designed to equalize the voltages between the four series connected 12V batteries.
In accelerated lab tests series connected batteries with the battery equalizer  showed significantly longer battery life than series connected batteries without the equalized voltages. In our opinion the battery equalizer has operated to specs. and we are extremely pleased with the readings taken before,during, and after charging and discharging of the battery pack. The voltage has never varied more than 0.01 V. We will however have to go through many more charge - discharge cycles before we can determine if the battery life will be dramatically extended in real world driving conditions.

July 26,2006

We have been extremely busy with the electric scooter business in ways that have not appeared to have been very productive but necessary. We have been meeting with many levels of government -  Provincial, Federal, and Municipal to standardize and help create regulations and policies and deal with licencing issues regarding electric scooters such as ours. We have made The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario aware of the many electric bikes being wrongfully sold and licenced as mopeds in the Province of Ontario.
Our main focus has been to create an equitable marketplace and to compete with similar vehicles that are being sold with no enforcement or regulatory body. We are mandated by the Government to be a member of The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council ( OMVIC )and follow their regulations. We are not opposed to operate within OMVIC but we believe all dealers of any vehicle for road use, should operate under the same regulations.  Moped and Electric bicycle dealers are not mandated to operate their business under OMVIC regulations. 

We will be introducing  several new innovations for electric scooters- a programmable controller option, a lithium battery pack, designed with a high current draw rating needed for to meet  demands for electric vehicles. The battery equalization system has been improved by adding an extra feature to distinguish a bad or faulty battery without the load testing now done to determine a bad battery.
The Z-20 scooter is still in testing to-wards certification.  The Z-20 is a scooter that has had many improvements from the initial prototypes and will be one of the fastest production scooters available at a reasonable cost. 

Much of our work has been done in seclusion trying not to attract much attention as we have been under the microscope by other large companies that are eyeing our work and imitating our projects.  

We are drafting proposals for Municipal Governments and Provincial Governments to allow changes in legislation to help with the  selling and regulation as to where these vehicles can be driven.We would like to see a reduced licence fee for electric scooters and motorcycles. We still believe every driver should be tested and licenced (and every vehicle should be licenced) and insured to drive any vehicle on the road. 

Personnel at the  Federal level have been very supportive.

We strive to have safe affordable zero emission transportation solutions to the Canadian market. We are proud to be a pioneer in this area.  



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